Saturday, January 31, 2009

Make 'em Laugh ... meh

Watched the last 2 hours of Make "em Laugh ... meh. I'm sorry, I just don't find Billy Crystal funny and it seemed like they HAD to feature him ... kind of like "hey, if you don't give me 'x' minutes, I'm not gonna do your little intros". I mean, this guy is NOT funny. He takes himself way to seriously to be funny. Billy Crystal is not a guy who will poke fun at himself, his overinflated ego, Mr. Oscar bullcrap (I liked it when Letterman hosted). I just couldn't imagine being in a room with him. I'm imagining the sound of a vacuum cleaner sucking all the air out when he arrives because he's the most important guy in the room, in his mind.

So ... yea, I don't like Billy Crystal.

I guess my biggest surprise was that Phil Silvers ... Sgt. Bilko, is a really funny guy, never occured to me. I'm happy that they featured Larry David, the anti Billy Crystal. But only giving SNL a paltry 2 minutes? Really? They should have given SNL Billy Crystals 2+ minutes we had to listen to him parody Oscar nominated movies !!! Ugh!!!! How can anyone NOT feature Belushi ... they didn't even mention Gilda Radner! And Kovacs, not one stinking mention of Ernie Kovacs! This guy was a genius! He invented some of the special effects used on television back in the 50's. They could have squeezed him in when they paid tribute to Your Show of Shows for heaven's sake! No mention of Barney Miller either, blasphemy.

I don't know, I understand that they had a set amount of time to cram all their material into ... I say they have another 6 episodes and dedicate 1 hour to SNL and one hour to Kovacs and Barney Miller and please, no Billy Crystal!!!!!! Keep Amy Sedaris and have her brother, David take Crystal's place. An emmy for sure!!!!

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