Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Corner Gas

This show is hysterical! I hate to say it, but it's kind of like a Canadian Seinfeld. A show about nothing. Each show is independent of the other, no running storylines. Each character could be spun off on it's own, but as a whole, the cast is great. I read that they are going to stop production, but it's been on for 6 seasons, so I have a lot more to catch up on. WGN is going to start running 3 in a row in the early mornings, so my Tivo will be working hard!

Andrew McCarthy ... sigh ... what's happened to him? I tried ... really really tried to watch a movie he did called New World Disorder. I couldn't get through it! It was interesting at first because Rutger Hauer played a really fat cop and McCarthy played a bad guy, but he was really awful and it broke my heart, so I had to delete it before getting into it for longer than 30 minutes. Bad Andrew!

There's a song going through my head. You can hear it on the Toyota Prius commercial where a car literally is made out of sticks and grass and then decomposes back into the earth. The song is haunting ... here's the commerical:

The song is called Hometime by the band One EskimO. The entire song is fantastic and it is supposedly available on Itunes, but it's not :( the video for the song is on One EskimO's website and it's a haunting video too.

I forgot to mention that another reason why I'm digging Nip/Tuck is that the guy from Aliens In America, Raja, is in it as a young doctor. It really bummed me out that they cancelled Aliens in America, but at least one of the characters found work on another very cool show.


ed said...

Loving the animation with the tunes, got the kandi single and im happy to say its excellent!
i recommend fans to check out the guys tour dates in may as their going all the way round britain, lookin good!

Shhhhhh .... it's a secret said...

Not sure where you are, but no One EskimO songs are on the US version of Itunes ... :(

mike said...

These guys are brilliant, stoked on the kandi single...heres the best place to watch the music video for it...seems pretty sweet quality.

Jack said...

Man im going to have to get time off work to catch these guys, everyone saying the live performance is amazing :(
ahh well think the album comes out in june?? be sweet as!

hannah said...

vimeo sometimes doesnt work for me, fortunately the vids on youtube as well, fallen in love with those little characters :)

Tom Scott said...

Ye ye, they put a new vid on youtube new track called 'givin up' well worth a listen if your a fan.