Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is it Inauguration Day?

Really? For real??? It's finally here? No WAY!!!

I started watching what will hopefully get better as it goes. It's a 6 part series called Make 'em Laugh. It's on PBS and the first 2 hours was so so. The first hour was fabulous! Starts out with Harold Lloyd, goes to Cheech and Chong ... I'm sorry, but I just laugh my butt off when I see their standup and the movie Up in Smoke. I remember seeing their bits when I was a teenager when no other parents would let their kids see it ... I have the coolest parents. It didn't turn me into a pot smoker either. I saw it for what it was COMEDY. Those 2 were making fun of people getting high, not glorifying them. I mean, you see then in a parked car, stoned out of their minds and Cheech thinks he's driving?

Anyway, they also did bits with Jonathan Winters, another comedian I grew up listening to ... and Bob Hope (yawn, sorry, I just don't think he's funny). And then there's Andy ... Andy Kaufman. A comedian's comedian. This is a guy who didn't care if you were funny. If he thought what he was doing was funny, he was fine. He was on the first episode of SNL back in 1975 and guess what ... I watched it. I was 8 and even better ... I thought it was funny! I got it, I got what he was doing ... here's the clip:

Link: Andy Kaufman - Mighty Mouse

To this day, I laugh at this bit. I spent most of the first hour laughing and then not so much during the second hour ... they spent it on family sitcoms, which, by and large, I do not find funny. Cosby was cute and cute is NOT FUNNY, as was I Love Lucy & Dick Van Dyke ... but then they ended with Seinfeld ... ah Seinfeld. The best sitcom in the history of television. It wasn't a family sitcom though. It was about 4 horrible horrible people and the horrible horrible things they did to each other and others ... seriously, there wasn't one nice person on that show and that is what made it funny.

They had better cover better topics for the next couple shows ... Chaplin, Kovacs, Bruce, Pryor ... Carlin ... hellllooooooo!!!! And if they completely bypass Barney Miller, I will be ticked. I do like that Amy Sedaris is the narrator. She can be raunchy and I adore her brother, David Sedaris. They have to cover Saturday Night Live and the Ernie Kovacs Show ... man, this show has a lot to live up to in my book.

I also watched the season premiere of Flight of the Conchords. It's hilarious ... the next day when you think about the episode, or watch it a second time. Jermaine and "Breet" are so incredibly dry and clueless. So between Conchords and Corner Gas, my dry sense of humor shows are pretty much covered.

I gave up on Damages. It's just too dark for me. I guess I'm just not into it this time around.

I think I forgot to mention how thrilled I am that Colin Farrell won a Golden Globe for his role in In Bruges. He completely deserved it!!!

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