Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Post 101!

My Tivo is going to be filling up ... all my shows are starting up again. Last night was Nip/Tuck's season opener. It was great, but then again, I'm one of the few people on earth who is glad they moved the show from Miami to Beverly Hills. Miami has no interest for me whatsoever, especially after watching the documentary, Cocaine Cowboys ... nope, they can keep the place.

So Sean is in a wheelchair as a result of his being stabbed by Colleen and Christian has ... I'm sorry, but I think it's sinfully ironic, breast cancer. Last season, Christian was a complete moron and after last night, he's softening up and that makes me happy. But it looks like he and Liz are gonna ... well .. that should be interesting. Great season opener. And without a sight of Julia! Yea!!!! Never understood her allure at all.

Watched a movie called Stateside, it's part of my Val Kilmer film fest and I have to say that Val Kilmer was the only reason to watch this film. Val was great as a Marine Corps DI. He really wraps himself up in his characters, again, one of the best actors working today. In any event, it's supposedly based on a true story. The main girl's character is based on a former actress neamed Sarah Holcomb. She played a 13 year old girl in Animal House and the love interest of Michael O'Keefe in Caddyshack. She apparently fell into a bad drug habit and was Schizophrenic. It could have been a great story, but the main character was a complete putz, horrible horrible actor. Even though Val gives a great performance, I still won't recommend it.

There are a couple movies I'm excited to see when they finally appear. One is the Keith Moon biopic with Mike Meyers as Keith. Keith was a fantastic drummer, unfortunately, he's known more for the stupid stuff he did. Meyers is too old to play Keith. Keith was 32 when he died and Meyers is well into his 40's ... we'll see. I didn't think that Kevin Spacey could pull off Bobby Darin, but he managed to do it very well. The other one is Tarantino's new flick called Inglorious Basterds ... a WWII flick. Finally! Tarantino is working with Brad Pitt for real. Pitt was in True Romance, a really cool part too, but Tarantino sold the script and Tony Scott directed ... which was ok because Scott did justice to Tarantino's script, unlike Ollie Stone's complete f-up of Tarantino's Natural Born Killers ... please QT, do me a solid ... remake Natural Born Killers!!!!!

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