Monday, March 9, 2009

I do watch other things you know.

I know I've been blahging a lot on Real Housewives ... guilty pleasure methinks. But I am watching several other shows/programs, which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that I am a tv addict.

Keith Olbermann actually made reference to There Will Be Blood ... the drinking a milkshake line... which I probably reversed and played again quite a few times. I like to chase the intensity of Keith with Daily Show. Oh man, Rick Santelli really got a drubbing for our man Stewart. It was just classic. The beeps were flying and I was loving every single one. I was drinking them like a milkshake. Real Time With Bill Maher has started up again. It's a show I've been watching since it's inception on HBO. I was never a big fan of Politically Incorrect, but ever since he was railroaded out of ABC (what a farce), I support him .. he used to have Coultergeist on a lot, but she won't do his show anymore ... coward! This past week was a snoozer, actually deleted it halfway through. I also skip over his opening monologue because I don't like how he mugs for the camera during his punchlines ... it's annoying. He doesn't do it as bad with the panel.

More on Maher, the most pretentious show on television is on the most pretentious network on television, Sundance. It's called Iconoclasts. The concept is interesting ... get 2 celebrities together and film their day together and have them talk about themselves and each other. I liked the one with Laird Hamilton and Eddie Vedder, but for the most part, it's just stupid. The latest on intrigued me, Bill Maher and Clive Davis. It was good, not terribly pretentious. Clive Davis seems like a genuine fellow and Bill Maher, was Bill Maher without the mugginess. Both come from humble beginnings ... educated and have had their fair share of successes and failures. They didn't act self-important, which a lot of times, this show denegrates to that level. The theme music is annoying as snot ... staccatto piano, like "this is the most important show on television" ... blah. I ususally check out who is on and decide to record it.

THEY CANCELLED LIFE ON MARS!!! Shame on you ABC ... Keitel & Imperioli are too good for you and your stupid network.

Movies ... I'm on a John Cusak kick right now. Watched Martian Child. Very sweet movie. About a widower (Cusak) who adopts a kid who thinks he's from Mars. It's very very sweet and all is well at the end. The kids who played the Martian Child was excellent. It's a departure from what I usually like to watch. Also watched 1408. Not a big fan of horror, I'm a wuss. I actually had to turn it off right at the beginning when he was in the room and things started happening ... it was one of those moments where you can picture it happening to you and just how scary hotel rooms can be. But then it denegrated into the stupid ... cheap horror film crap that wasn't scary. I wonder why Cusak agreed to do this film? Hopefully it was because he just wanted to try horror films.

I tivo'd and deleted 2 films that I just couldn't fathom watching any further. Wet Hot American Summer was a completely horrible rip off of Dazed and Confused. What was really sad was that the cast wasn't a bunch of unknowns. It's about some summer camp shenanigans after all the kids leave. Just dumb beyond dumb. I think I watched for 8 minutes. If this film has anything worth watching past 8 minutes, let me know, I'll watch it again. The other one I deleted was Vatel. It's part of my Tim Roth film festival. It's supposedly about one of the King Louis's chefs falling in love with one of the king's mistresses. Gerard Depardieu seems to have been the only frenchman cast because Uma Thurman's french accent was ... bad? No, beyond bad, it was nonexistent. Literally, she would deliver one line in a poor french accent and then the next in a poor german accent. It reminded me of Costner playing Robin Hood and how laughable that accent was. I only saw Tim Roth in one scene before I deleted the thing. I think this movie could be good if it was played by french actors with subtititles.

More Roth ... I've been watching Lie to Me. It's a very good show and it's because Tim Roth carries the show. There is really only one other character that's worth watching and it's because he can't lie. Pretty much everyone else is kind of blah. His number 2 person though .. I can't even remember he name nor character name, is really really annoying. If it wasn't for Roth, I wouldn't watch.

Still watching Flight of the Conchords and Eastbound and Down. Talk about two diametrically opposed shows! Conchords is highbrow compared to Eastbound, but I like them both.

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