Thursday, March 12, 2009

Duhmona is the best!

She is pure id. No filter on this one ... all googly eyed id. She completely PWND that episode. And my oh my ... little insecure about the fact that you did indeed, Countless LuAnn, marry an older man? Sweetie, he was 15 years old when you were born ... sweetie, he was 33 years old by the time you were legal to marry ... sweetie, get over it ... she's insecure about being the 4th Countess DeLesseps, and who the heck cares if he's older than you ... so what? I mean, she went off on Duhmona, who, in DUHmona fashion, blurted out that the Count is twice the Countless's age ... it's DUHmona LuAnn ... boy did she get on her classless, etiquetteless haunches ... the hipocrisy of it all ... she's wrting this manners and etiquette book to prove to the world that she deserves to be a countess. She's an idiot. Duhmona is just Duhmona.

And Bethandthecity needs to get off it too ... wow, I don't know who is more insecure ... she CANNOT let things just go. Everything is a fight with her .. everything is a crisis. She needs chill pills. It's one thing with the classles countess, but Bethandthecity is ALWAYS like that. What a b-word to hijack LuAnn into that lunch to tell her about some off the cuff comment and how stupid of LuAnn for first of all, just sitting there (I would have left) and then getting defensive saying that she was protecting Bethandthecity? Dang, those two are in insecureville.

I'm so tired of AlexSimon ... mr. ginger nipple and fang face ...

Corner Gas is awesome. I look forward to my 3 weekly episodes that tivo every tuesday morning. Found some bloopers on Youtube and to be honest, the show is funnier. I may need to get all the episodes on DVD for my collection. Seriously, it's a great show.

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