Thursday, March 19, 2009

My ladies, back again!

Watched last night ... oy!

YentaJill ... bless her heart. She's a good egg. She had every right to be ticked at her gay husband and I thought it was great of her to leave Ginger with them! And I love how she just let fly with Ginger Nip and Fangface.

GingerNip and Fangface ... well well well, what a pair of trollops Fangface and gingernip are, it's true! She was looking for some bootycall online and found Gingernip and that wahh wahh wahh "you have my heart" ... did anyone hear my laughter? I hope those boys are up to date with their tetanus vaccinations. And I just love Duhmona's pure animosity toward them. Who introduced Gingernip as the owner of the Chandler? Are you kidding me? And they just let them do that? Mais oui!!!

Duhmona-she's great. Seriously, this season, she's awesome, even though she did backstab Jill, that's just Duhmona because Jill won't play tennis the way she wants her to, what a brat. When she and Bethandthecity were walking their dogs, Duhoma was looking her age though. Mario is a hoot. I loved how he chucked the dog doo back at her! Avery is going to be one stunning girl. She's a bit gawky right now, but boy ... she's going to really be a stunner by the time she's off to college, if Duhmona let's her go! And then there's

IAMACOUNTESSDAMMIT-wow, what an insipid twit. Victoria is ready to go! And what's up with calling her son by the feminine pronunciation of Noel? It's Nole, not No-elle. Poor kid is gonna get the tar beat out of him a la Francois. Both of those kids are beautiful, but you'll be reading about Victoria in the social pages about her party exploits. IAMACOUNTESSDAMMIT is going to be one lonely lady once those kids are off to boarding school and she's home alone because HEISANOLDERMANDAMMIT is off microfinancing in Asia ... poor Rosie. And I'm sorry, does that townhouse just seem incredibly thin? I'd live in the Hamptons full time, at least there's space! Did you see that grave they set up for the hamster? And IAMACOUNTESSDAMMIT didn't even notice? She must have been off "my loving" and "my darling" someone.

Bethandthecity-what a pathetic woman. She has a great date with a great guy who is obviously into her and she wants nothing to do with him. Know why? I'll tell you why ... he's chunky, he's not GQ .. she's that shallow! It's really sad because this chef guy was really nice, but he's as bad as her. He wants the supermodel/Vogue type too. Both will be lonely and bitter for the rest of their lives until they grow up.

Kelly- her skin is terrible! See how she's all over the chef guy and treats her children like crap? Wonder what would happen if she had boys instead of girls.

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