Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Blanchett Film Festival Continues and a Little Something about a New York Doll

Watched Notes on a Scandal last night. Wow, disturbing, but so incredibly good. Blanchett was definitely in a supporting role, this movie was Dame Judi Dench's. She's just fabulous. Interesting, both Blanchett and Dench have played Queen Elizabeth I, only Dench won the Oscar for it (a bogus win, in my opinion, she should have won it for Mrs. Brown ...). Dench plays this very disturbed woman ... to a freaking tee, mind you. Blanchett looks absolutely gorgeous in this film. She is a true chameleon. She looked completely different in The Good German and completely different again in Babel. Those two shared the screen wonderfully.

I'm a documentary geek and 2 of my favorites are The Nomi Song, about Klaus Nomi a pioneer new wave singer who was one of the first tragic losses to AIDS, in 1983, the other is New York Doll, about Arthur "Killer" Kane, the bassist for the uber punk band, New York Dolls. Between the 2 of those, I've probably logged 50 hours of viewing. New York Doll was on this morning and of course, I watched it again. Kane was an addict, and a musician ... 2+2 right? After going on a bender and throwing himself out of a hotel window, while in the hospital, he found God via the LDS church. He became a member in good standing, working in the family history center in LA and finding out his dad had passed away. In 2004, he was contacted to join the rest of the Dolls in a reunion concert in London. He got out his bass and went to NYC to practice and meet up with his nemesis, David Johanson, aka, Buster Poindexter (Hot Hot Hot .. please, yuck), who was the lead singer for the Dolls. The concerts went off without a hitch and everyone was cheering for Arthur and he looked like he was having fun being with his friends from back in the day. 22 days after he got back to LA and back to work, he went to the emergency room, was diagnosed with Leukemia and died within 2 hours .. boom, done ... sad, but kind of not sad because he died happy after being reuinited with his friends and realizing that he had fans all over the world. Very sweet film.

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