Saturday, July 5, 2008

Swingtown is starting to lose me

Ok, so it was cool for the first couple episodes ... Chicago, cool, 1970's cool, Sa-wingers ... well, not so cool, but kind of hooky, cool music ... but this last episode was really stupid.

I will give fair warning here ... if you don't like hearing about porno movies, stop reading.


Ahem. This episode dealt with the court case of Harry Reems, of Deep Throat fame. He was arrested in the mid 70's for trafficking obscenity across state lines. Ok, I'm ... down with that. Brother was getting railroaded for something stupid and it was obviously politically motivated. Heck, I saw the film, as most college age people do .. come on, admit it. In any event, the show portrayed Harry Reems as a victim. BS ... he knew what he was doing. During the course of the show, they made him seem like a poor schmuck who wanted to be an actor. Yea, he wanted to be an actor all right ... he made over 100 porno films. Actor ... ha! I really hate it when writers whitewash the truth. Harry Reems was a porno actor, boom, done. He liked it ... boom, done. Nothing wrong with it. I'm all for it. You go Harry. Oh, he found god and sells real estate in Utah now. So what a bullshit episode.

The other thing that is annoying is that nobody smokes on the show. I'm not a smoker, I don't advocate smoking. But come on, it's the 70's in Chicago ... everybody smoked back then. If it wasn't cigarettes, it was pot, hash ... dried banana peels (doesn't work btw :( ) I also don't like the freaky google eyed daughter stalking her teacher. It's just creepy. Maybe it wouldn't be creepy if she did it with a smoke while watching Deep Throat.

I'll keep watching because I dig the Deckers, but everyone else is ticking me off.

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