Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Post Surgery Hazy TV Viewing

Had surgery yesterday morning, so I had the distinct pleasure of channel surfing .. HD channel surfing noless, all afternoon while in my drug induced haze. My latest go to channel is Planet Green. There's always something interesting there, not that I agree with half of it ... pedelling a bike to charge a battery to use with your computer ... give me a break. I'm sorry, but my laptap is not doing a whole lot regarding my so called carbon footprint to justify my riding a stationary bike to charge up a dumb battery. Thomas Edison is probably rolling in his grave right now.

I do like the show, Emeril Green. He's my favorite cherubic chef. Basically, people go shopping with him at Whole Foods, how fun would that be??? Especially if he's footing the bill??? He seems like such a cool guy ... down to earth. I could be wrong, but his persona relays to me that he seems like a good egg. A good cherubic egg with frizzy hair.

Tried watching news, but it made my pain pills wear off too fast. Watching the news has become such a stressful thing.

Watched the second half of Moscow on the Hudson on Universal HD ... great film. It stands the test of time. I'm sure there are people who don't even remember the Soviet Union. For those of you who don't, watch this film. After Moscow on the Hudson, they played The Fisher King ... the most understandable of Terry Gilliams films and a darn good one. Jeff Bridges is an underappreciated actor and at that time, Robin Williams was too. Terry Gilliam works with sets and scene set ups better than anyone. It's probably why he doesn't make films too often. First of all, I can't imagine what a pitch meeting is like with him ... you can't explain in words most of his stories ... Brazil especially. I'm not on the Brazil is the greatest film bandwagon. I guess I'm just not bright enough to "get it". There are elements of Gilliams Monty Python in all of his films. The Red Knight could be plucked right out of the Holy Grail .. heck, there's a grail involved in Fisher King .. HA! But I will say, Robin Williams is the hairiest man on earth and seeing him naked in Fisher King ... in high definition noless ... oy.

Started watching Dogs of War with Walken ... I'll have to tivo it because I took 2 more pharmaceuticals and fell asleep. Seems good ... Walken is so weird. There are so many favorite roles of his. Deer Hunter, of course, but his turn as an exterminator in Mousehunt was hysterical .. and the watch up the butt guy in Pulp Fiction ... classic "this watch ..... this watch, is your birthright"... HA!!! But I think one of the best monologues in film is Dennis Hopper giving the Moors/Italians/Cantaloupe speech in True Romance to Walken was the best. Walken's face was the best.

So today, this is about all I can do ... sit at my computer. I smell really bad ... a combination of not showering and sterile hospital smell ... glad you read that aren't you?

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