Monday, July 14, 2008

Eastern Promises

Wow ... what a film. David Cronenberg actually seems to be mellowing out in his filmmaking. The last 2 films I've seen of his, this one and A History of Violence, actually made sense. Viggo is amazing. Great plot twist I might add. When I travelled through Russia, when it was still Soviet, I could see some of the smatterings of what the place is now ... mob run, only when I was there, it was called the black market. With the fall of communism, the black market rose up and now ... well, what a mess. Violent isn't the word, although, really only 1 scene is super violent. Takes place in a bathhouse and involves a very very very ... swinging it all ... naked Viggo Mortensen taking on a couple Chechen thugs and freaking kicking both their clothed butts! It was an incredible scene .. I'm assuming Mortensen did his own stunts. How they filmed it is beyond me. Great show!

Another show I've been watching on a regular basis is Penn & Teller Bulls&^% ... I've watched every episode and was shocked when Penn said that they were now in season 5!!! I watch too much tv. I've learned a lot from them. About what a BS organization PETA is ... the myths of recycling ... how Wal-Mart isnt' so bad (yes, I wrote that). Last week was about dolphins and the crazy people who think they can talk to them ... yes, there are those kind of people out there. Nex week's episode should be interesting about sleep medication.

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