Monday, July 21, 2008

Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men!!!

Woo hoooooooooooo!!! My favorite mysogynistic, smokin' and drinkin' show. They ran a marathon on Sunday night and I managed to tivo most of them. Now I have to get through them so my other precious shows don't get deleted in the process ... I'm gonna be a busy busy loser tv viewer this week!

I've been watching this new channel called Planet Green. I'm not a big environmentalist, I don't recycle, I reuse and I watch my consumption .. haven't bought bottled water in years, not because it's better for the environment, but because buying water, in my view, is a silly waste of money. I've always felt that way, even before it was chic to bash bottled water. Never understood why someone would pay so much for something that you are already paying for, in most instances, by turning on your tap. Now, if your water is gross, that's another issue, but my water isn't gross, it's very drinkable and I'll keep filling up my water bottles and spending my money elsewhere, like our satellite bill so I can keep watching tv!!! Anyway, this Planet Green channel is dangerous. I was ironing and they actually suggested that people DRAFT off trucks on the highway to save on gas mileage. These idiots obviously haven't a clue what drafting is ... it's freaking dangerous! NASCAR drivers draft off each other, basically, you get up on the bumper of the driver in front of you and they literally drag you with them ... I can't believe these hoohas at Planet Green are actually suggesting that people do this WITH SEMIS!!! This could get you killed. I can see it now "yes, Mr. Jones died tragically, but gosh darn .... he was get that extra mile to the gallon drafting off that semi that stopped suddenly, sending him hurling into the butt of his truck... yippeee!!" Boo to Planet Green for even suggesting this.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for shrinking my so called carbon footprint, but I'm not going to go all hogwild. I'm nowhere near the polluter that most big companies are ... let's start with them. These environmentalists need to stop guilting regular citizens into buying into their agenda. Start guilting Texaco, Kimberly Clark, et al. I was happy to see that the Sunchips factory in California is a sustainable operation. All Sun Chips are made using solar power! I'll buy them for that reason now.

Ok, this is turning political ... back to mindless tv!!!

Man men mad men mad men mad men!!!! Woo hooooo!!!!! Thank you AMC, thank you thank you thank you.

I guess Real Housewives is going to have an Atlanta version. Not too thrilled, but I'll tune in. If they want southern belles, they need Dallas or Savannah. But my NYC version ... those are my goils! I guess AlexSimon were the first to pony up for the new season. No surprise. Those 2 losers are the biggest dipwads on television and I love 'em!!! They make me feel so much better.

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