Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hazy Day Part Deux

Took 2 painkillers last night and watched a movie called Running With Scissors. I'd heard about it a little bit and I guess Richard Roeper (why he's considered a movie critic, I'll never know) called it one of his worst movies of the year. What a dork. It sure wasn't. It was a decent movie at best. For me, it was one of those "wow, look who's in this movie" movies. Alec Baldwin, who I respect more and more the older he gets. I think the first time I thought he was fantastic was in Outside Providence. He's not in this movie very much, but he plays schlubby Dad's really well. Jill Clayburgh! Wow, she's fantastic in this film and is the main reason to watch it. She plays a haggard wife of a psychiatrist. Annette Benning is great too. She plays a mentally ill mother who signs her son over to the psychiatrist's family. It also has a cameo by Gwenyth Paltrow. Now she's an actress I can normally do without ... Shakespeare in Love ... blech, but she was born to play Sylvia Plath in Sylvia, which is did incredibly well. Another Shakespeare in Blech player, Joseph Fiennes played Paltrow's "brother" in this film too ... hardly recognized him. The guy who played the main character, Augusten Burroughs, was great ... wonder what else he's been in.

I almost dozed off toward the end, but managed to stay awake for the very end where they do a prologue since the movie was based on real events. The final scene is the guy who plays Augusten Burroughs with the real Augusten Burroughs in a really cute little snippet.

That's about all I could do ... drifted off to lala land after that.

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