Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Darjeeling Limited

Getting ready to watch ND and Michigan State .... saying hail mary's and our father's, but I'll take a break.

Watched the Darjeeling Limited. I'm a so-so fan of Wes Anderson films. Loved Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Royal Tennenbaums, but thought the Life Aquatic was dumb as heck. I will say that I really liked Darjeeling. As usual, the characters are complex and completely screwed up. Has there been a Wes Anderson film without Owen Wilson? Now there's a guy I just want to shake. He SEEMS to be a really smart guy, even though he looks and acts like a doofus. I thought he was downright charming in Night and the Museum, but Wedding Crashers ... duh ... Drillbit Taylor, you're kidding. I thought he and Ben Stiller should have switched roles in Permanent Midnight. Adrian Brody is just so weird that he's great. It will take a HUGE HUGE HUGE role choice for me to think otherwise since he was just so perfect in The Pianist. Talk about deserving that Oscar. Jason Schwartzman is creepy, just creepy. But Owen is great, he and Wes make a great team.

His films also make use of great cameos ... Natalie Portman and Bill Murray. Again, has there been a Wes Anderson movie without Bill Murray. I love that guy, Murray. He seems like such a jag and I would be askeered to be in the same room with him because he seems really really mean, but I'm happy to watch him in movies. I think I'm one of the few people who thought he was fabulous in Lost in Translation. Oh and Angelica Houston makes a great cameo as well as the mother who the 3 guys are trying to track down in India.

I have to wonder how realistic the film was. It was shot mainly in India and I thought it felt authentic, but I could be wrong.

Watched a Globe Trekker episode about Southern Mexico. Ian loved it, but I thought it would be the last place on earth I'd want to travel. It just doesn't look like that much fun. Acupulco ... cheesy and expensive and the Mayan ruins are cool, but it just seems like a very dangerous place. Don't like to travel to dangerous places. If I have to travel to a dangerous place, I at least want to be in a police state, like I was in the Soviet Union. It was scary, but I knew that the KGB or the cops were everywhere. But I digress.

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