Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a great day

I'm basking in the warm glow of victory. Notre Dame won ugly and the Bears beat the Colts ... I'm as happy as a pig in doo.

Mad Men was absolutely fantastic. If the guy who plays Jimmy Barrett doesn't get some kind of award, then all awards shows should be banned. He drew Don in by using Betty ... I loved it. Each and every scene, first with Jimmy & Betty, calmly telling Betty exactly what she was thinking and then Jimmy twisting the knife in Don's gut. He's no dumb comedian, that's for sure! And then Betty upchucking all over Don's purty new car. I had to laugh though, when Don and family went out for a picnic in his new car and they just non-challantly chucked all their garbage in the field ... no regard for anything, they just didn't want the garbage. I gasped. What a different time that was. And Joan-y baby was put in her place, that's for sure. Sweet Jane ... sweet sweet Jane. She's a young version of Joan. She probably did the same thing when she was a lowly secretary. It's going to be interesting. Jane has Roger right where she wants him and Roger is Joan's weak spot. What an interesting triangle this is going to be. As long as Joan is engaged, she has to be cool, but if that engagement gets called of ... rut ro! Jane better just quit.

Watched the premiere episode of True Blood ... wow. It's about modern day vampires in Louisiana (where else?). Anna Paquin, sweet little Oscar winning Anna Paquin ... played Holly Hunter's daughter in the Piano. Both deserved those Oscars. She's all grown up with a Letterman style gap between her front teeth. She's a mortal who can hear people's thoughts. She's intriugued by the vampires who don't need human blood anymore to live. I have it set up as a season pass on my tivo now. Alan Ball, who created the most excellent, Six Feet Under, created this one ... so to say there are some twisted storylines is an understatement. Lots of blood, gore and naked-ness. Not for the faint of heart ... not a family drama.

And I have to give a nod to the Daily Show's coverage of the GOP convention ... kudos! The Reformed Maverick bit was worth the entire week. Just fabulous. They deserve the week off!

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sarahbclark! said...

aaah! i wish i had HBO for True Blood alone. and maybe some Big Love. but i'm intrigued the vampire storyline and wish i could watch it too. guess i'll just have to wait till next year, when it comes out on dvd.