Monday, September 15, 2008

From one girl with glasses ...

I think I've mentioned before that I'm a tepid fan of Tina Fey. My dad adores her and he thinks I'm jealous ... well, maybe I am. But I always thought she took the whole girl with glasses thing too far in order to hide the fact that she is one of the mean girls that she wrote about in her movie, Mean Girls. But after watching her do complete justice to Sarah Palin on SNL last weekend, ok, I'll admit it, I'm a fan now. You just get down with your girl with glasses self. But I suppose that I should be thanking Sarah Palin because that is what turned me. Thanks Governor "I can see Russia from my house", I'm going to get major mileage out of that line.

Mad Men was ok ... not fantabulous, but ok. It dealt with the women. Betty is going to end up in the looney bin. I thought for sure that Don was going to find her trying to cut herself on the glass that she cut her foot on. I mean, I have to give her credit for trying to stand up for herself to Don, but she's married to Don ... unshakeable Don. He did get shaken by Jimmy Barrett last week, but no woman will ever outdo him. They'll end up tied up, like Bobbie. Ok, he's going with Betty's request to stay in the office, but that won't last. Betty needs to bed that guy from the stables, pronto!!!

The Peggy/Colin Hanks storyline is kind of lame. Not sure where it's going.

Joanie bayyyybeeee!!! Well, she got a taste for what Peggy is going through didn't she??? I kind of felt sorry for her. Roger has screwed her over twice now. Wonder what the third will be??? Am I the only one who thinks that John Slattery should win an emmy for his facial expressions alone??? I mean, it's hysterical how devious he looks, but in a funny way. Even his pause to wait for Harry to open the door, FOR HIM ... classic!

True Blood ... so freaking cool! The scene where Bill has Sookie under his spell was ... well, I don't want to type how the scene was, it was just so ... incredibly ... well, you know. Shoot, even the scene where he's cleaning her up after the beating was so ... incredibly ... you know ... Lot's of "you knows" in this show.

I gave up on I Want You. It was like watching a soft core porn film and, not that I'm some righteous prude, but come on .. it was just dumb.

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