Thursday, September 25, 2008

My teams are killing me ... well except for one.

ND ... lord, what can I say ... please guys, make it look better against Purdue. And the Bears, good grief. But at least they beat the Colts, that will get me at least through December.

Cubs clinch! Cubs clinch!!!!

No Mad Men this week, because they were too busy winning the Emmy for the best drama on tv!!!Yea!!!! I still wish they would create an emmy for best facial expressions because John Slattery would win it hands down!

This week's K-Rock was hilarious. Joan Rivers, like her or not, is a very funny lady. The guys got fired from their usual club gig, so their manager, who is funny as heck, booked them into a jazz club and the group managed to sway a bunch of jazz fans, and Joan Rivers to boot. The thing I like about Joan is that she's willing to make fun of herself. A key scene was of her in the spa getting every non-surgical treatment there was. I still find it hard to believe those guys are a real band because they are very good comic actors. I guess next weeks episode has Dave Navarro, should be fun, lots and lots of Carmen Elektra jokes, I'm sure.

Daily Show is back. Had Bill Clinton on ... ok, this isn't a blatantly political blahg, but I miss that philandering old coot.

Been watching this show on Planet Green called Stuff Happens. It's hosted by uber-geek, Bill Nye (the science guy). He's funny. He picks out a subject, like dinner, and goes into how wasteful humans are and how we wreck the planet just by having dinner ... sigh. Yea, guilt me into "going green" please. I like the information presented and now I throw my coffee grounds into my garden rather that in the garbage. I'll do that much. But I'm not going to change my life worrying about cattle farts affecting the polar ice caps. Buying organic shade grown coffee and throwing the grounds into my garden is about as far as I go ... only because organic, shade grown coffee is tasty!

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