Monday, September 29, 2008

Wow, I really am watching too much television

Yahoo!!! ND won, Cubs, well, they won a week ago and the Bears!!! A good weekend for all.

Watched a couple episodes of John Safran vs. God. He attempted to skewer the Catholic Church and actually ended up considering joining up. Not that I'd ever tell anyone to join, it's not my business, but I thought it was cool. He became an alterboy and liked the ritual of it. He also thought the priest was cool. He wasn't the most religious chap, as are most priests I encounter, some, but not all, are actually pretty cynical, which I tend to be as well. Next, he explored something that I never knew existed ... ok, my LDS friends ... Mormon cinema (sometimes called Mollywood). John actually pitched a movie idea called "Extreme Mormons", which dealt with bike riding missionaries going into the worst of the worst urban areas and doing what they do best. The people at the LDS film office loved the idea and were serious about greenlighting it with a title change since Mormon isn't necessarily a nice term. So, any of my LDS friends out there. If you have a copy of God's Army, The Singles Ward, the RM or Brigham City in your movie collections ... can I borrow them? I love films and didn't even know this genre existed. I mean, what do we Catholics have ... Dogma? Granted I loved it, that cynical Catholic thing ya know? DaVinci Code? Ok, we have a laugh out loud cynical comedy and a drama about murderous priests ... oh wait, Heaven Help Us was a great Catholic comedy ... and The Magdelene Sisters ... dang, I guess there's quite a Catholic movie genre out there. Oops.

I think Pam, Girl on the Loose is over for the season and it was magnificent. I feel that since we were born one day apart to the day in 1967, we totally should be friends. I don't know, she is really a wonder. She has her head on straight in terms of her business and her boys, even Tommy, but man, she sure acts like a dumb blond with men ... I mean, Kid Rock .... Rick Solomon (marrying him because she put herself up as a bet in poker???) Well, anyway, the show was a big fat surprise.

Mad Men ... last nights episode was a marinator. It was dull while watching it, but as it marinates overnight, you realize it's one of the best episodes of the season. Betty is completely losing her mind. I really thought she was going to do the deed with the stable guy, but no, she sets him up with her friend and then calmly removes the phone from the hook so they can't call. Don & Peggy are total dopplegangers. They are sensitive to other's feelings, but in the end, it's about them. The best, and this took me by surprise, was the revelation of Roger & Jane! Mona barging into Don's office because she feels that Don told Roger to leave her for Jane ... wow, that was a great scene. And poor Freddy ... pees his pants and gets fired. Don didn't want to do it, but had no choice. Peggy got his job, she didn't want to get it that way, but she had no choice. I do like how she lit into Pete though ... what a worm.

Watched a movie ... was it one of the worst movies I've ever seen? Yea, maybe. It's called Fierce People. It has no excuse for being bad either ... Diane Lane (who will forever be the little girl from A Little Romance ... sigh, one of my favorite films of all time) and Donald Sutherland ... a legend. And also, Anton Yelchin, who is a great actor already. He played the son in Huff, one of those shows that didn't deserve to be cancelled. Anyway, I can't even describe it ... mom's a drug addict and a masseuse to Donald Sutherland's character, who has no ... well, nothing downstairs due to cancer .. he's a billionaire and opens up his house to drug addict mom and son ... mayhem ensues, murder, balloon rides ... just stupid. I only kept watching because I wanted to see the cast, but man, I want my 2 hours back. Boooooo!!!!

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