Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yea!!! TV is back!!!

Back to my guilty mindless television viewing!!!

Gossip Girl's season opener was great! But Chuck isn't nasty enough .. come on! He's Chuck!!! And am I the only one who thought the "Baron"s English accent didn't seem right? Now Chuck IS really British and his American accent is superb. Every storyline was pretty good ... even whiney Serena and Dan's plot ... ooooooo, caught kissing Nate, but it all worked out. And seeing a real NYC socialite, Tinsley Mortimer, or is it Mortimer Tinsley ... anyway, it was cool to see one of THEM poking fun. Heck, even Lydia Hearst was seduced by Chuck at the end of the season.

My most guilty of guilty pleasure shows ... I've been watching for a couple weeks and can only muster up the bravery the write about it now is Pam, Girl on the Loose. Pam Anderson and I share a birthday, we are the same age, we are both mothers and we both look really mushy without makeup on. Watching this show gives me fits because, normally, I think she's nothing but a huzzy who makes really bad decisions picking men. What makes it even worse, is that her crap behavior actually makes Tommy Lee look like a responsible adult! Heck, Tommy's show over on Planet Green makes him seem downright likeable and fun. Now, Pam's show .... sigh ... she's kind of a cool gal. But why does she do what she does when it comes to men???? We see her making her own decisions about her boys, her house, she does her own housework .... she seems like someone who's public persona is opposite of her private persona. The show is really well done and she probably has a lot to do with the decision making. It's a really good show and I can't believe I am writing that.

I love the Independent Film Channel. I started watching a show called Z Rock ... it's about a real rock band called Z02 who's day gig is a kid's band. It's hilarious. Each of the guys are good actors and I had to do some research and find out that yes indeed they really are a band. I've watched 2 episodes so far. One episode had them going after a Wiggles type band and completely owning them in the end. Their manager is a former groupie, so she gets the score with them.

Watched a good movie last night called The Brave One. Jodie Foster plays victims so very well and has won awards for it. Here she goes vigilante on a group who beat the crap out of her and killed her fiance AND stole their dog :( And Terrence Howard was fantastic as usual. I've not seen him in a bad movie, as much as I loathed Crash, he was very good in it.

The Shield started last night, need to record it. It's the final season for Mackie!!!! I'm going to go ahead and predict that he gets his bald butt blown away at the end.

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sarahbclark! said...

i am NEVER going to watch gossip girl. don't even want to get sucked into that world of debauchery. desperate housewives, on the other hand, i'm addicted to. i guess i have to pick and choose my vices.
anyway, i LOVE the killers and i'm so excited for your blog name. :)
aaaand, i have a reservation at Wildfire in Oakbrook for our anniversary. just thought i'd share. :)