Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quality viewing last night!

The Riches makes me more and more uncomfortable. The whole idea of them getting caught is making me crazy. Wayne and Dahlia are treading into rocky waters. I love the kids though. DiDi and Cael are wonderful characters.

One of my alltime favorite shows is local and called Across Indiana. Michael Atwood has been the host of the show forever. I remember watching him as a kid. I started Tivo-ing episodes because they are on at 5am. Last night's was wonderful. Did you know that one of the leading makers of fresh water caviar is in Michigan City??? It's called Collin's Caviar. I'm not a fan of the stuff really. When I was in Russia, it was thrust upon me everywhere I went. I'd rather just pour salt down my throat. I don't see the allure really, but then again, I don't like mustard, mayonaise or ketchup. They also did a nice thing on the Pierogi Fest in Whiting. Very sweet, too bad Whiting is where it is.

And now .... doo di dee doot dee doo!!!

Oh man, this episode was the best!!! It really focused on Bethanthecity, which was ok. She seems to really WANT to be normal, but she's just going on full throttle all the time. But this episode really is devoted to my favorite whackjob, Duhmona!!! We got a little bit of insight into why she's such a nutjob. She was invited to a supposed girls night at Jill's with Bethandthecity cooking. And that dumbass Alex brought that teeth clenching codie of a husband with her ...Duhmonah freaked out! She was so rude, it was uncomfortable to watch. But later we found out it has to do with her mommy issues, yawn.

But the best ... the absolute best!!! AlexandSimon live in a total dump!!! Their supposed lavish townhouse in Cobble Hill is a total pit!!! It was hysterical!!!! Those two are the most pretentious wannabes in the world!!! No floors! I'm not kidding, there are no floors in that house. Oh, but you'd think that they are the jetsetters de tutti jetsetters. They are white trash, pure and simple.

And the Countess ... god what a waste of a title. She's insulted because Bethandthecity didn't introduce her as Mrs. DeLesseps. As B said, "get over yourself!" But I will give her credit for sticking up for gaySimon when Duhmonah was in her full glory. And then Duhmona dancing. God, just put a poll next to that trollop, she's gross.

And I love it! Jill referred to HERSELF as a Yenta! At least she recognizes it. Her sister lives in Westport, big surprise. Home of Martha Stewart ... or does she still live there? Maybe that Yenta sister was one of the people who wanted her to move out. And that carp faced mother of theirs is hideous! Jill is definitely the prettiest one in the family.

Next week is the season finale.

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