Monday, April 7, 2008

Been sick, or taking care of sick people ... ugh.

Last night, man oh man, it's really bad when you get sucked into a show on the first try. Mad Men on AMC ... I didn't even come into it from the beginning. Amazing show ... so incredibly un pc, dealing with 1960's politics on Madison Avenue. I'm horrible and should not be allowed to watch tv at all.

Watched a fantastic Danny Boyle flick called Millions. About these two little boys who fall into a lot of stolen money on the dawn of the euro. The little boy, Damian, was amazing. He was obsessed by saints and is visited periodically by them ... St. Nicholas helps Damian give the local Mormon missionaries some of the money and they go totally crazy and spend frivolously. Damian keeps insisting that God gave them the money and this little guy who played him was just perfect ... innocent little kid. Other saints who visit are St. Joseph, Claire of Assisi, who else, an African saint, can't remember the name. I love the Saints. It's probably one of the only reasons I remain a Catholic. They put a human face to the religion I chose almost 15 years ago. Danny Boyle did Trainspotting, another fantastic film. Millions wasn't violent at all, unlike Trainspotting and the subject matter was way lighter. The most touching part was ... did I mention that Damian's mother died? He kept asking the saints if they saw Maureen, his mum, and he kept explaining that she was new .. just heartbreaking. Then, at the end, she appears and they have the most loving conversation, getting choked up now ... good show Danny Boyle! I've got him on my tivo so I can see anything else that shows up. That's how I found this film. That's what it is living the film nowhereland ... I depend on tivo.

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