Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok ... lots to write about.

Gossip Girl started again! I love the character of Chuck Bass ... just love 'em. Reminds me of Luke Weil, who is a real person. He was completely 'pwned by Jaimie Johnson in his documentary, Born Rich. The Serena character is annoying as hell .. whiney whiney whiney. Blair, I'm just not buying the actress playing her. And then the chinless wonder who is Dan's sister. Seriously, are these the best people that casting could come up with? It just seems like this show was cast purely on who knows whom. Ok, so I watch the show for Chuck.

Finally saw the first episode of Mad Men. Wow, what a great show. The beginning credits are a bit creepy .. a guy in a suit falling from a high rise building. Looks a little too 9-11 jumper for me, but I digress. But again, the show, itself is creepy in a way. What a time to live ... the early 60's. Times changing, baby boomers are coming of age. Age of advertising. They are repping cigarette companies ... love that Holling Vincour from my beloved Northern Exposure was a tobacco exec, I miss that show so much. The blatant sexism. I'd like to think that the writers are going a bit over the top ... I hope, but I suspect they aren't. The only issue I had is that the Peggy/Pete storyline was forced ... they could have stretched it out a bit, not make her the object of his icky affection on her couple days. It just didn't seem realistic, but they had x amount of episodes to fit in all the storylines.

America the Wright Way ... Ian isn't as relaxed as he usually is on Globe Trekker. Maybe it's because he feels like he has to carry the entire show. He just seems forced. The producers aren't using him the way the Globe Trekker producers do. I don't know, I'm not a big fan of Miami and he seemed to be uncomfortable and didn't seem to be having too much fun. I don't think this show is going to last, but then again, maybe it's not supposed to. I honestly think he's not that into America .. he'd rather be in the jungles of Africa or the mountains of Pakistan. Then, he's in his cockney element.

American Experience. Another one of those shows that gets me at the opening song. I remember when Roberto Clemente was killed in a plane crash. Didn't realize it was 1972 and I was 5 years old. Either Clemente made an impression on me, or I started retaining information at a very young age. But then again, I remember plainly, watching Trickie Dickie resign from the presidency. I also remember being upset about it because he lied, welcome to politics little girl! Roberto Clemente ... misunderstood isn't the word for the guy. Jackie Robinson gets a lot of attention because he broke the color barrier, but Clemente was a double whammy ... he was black and latino. He had to break down 2 huge brick walls. He did in a big way and is a beloved player ... the first latino to be inducted into the hall of fame. I remember feeling sad about his death ... as a 5 year old. I was a weird kid.

Also watched an episode of American Experience on the Nuremburg Trials. Dang, it was so watered down, but it was only an hour long. Kangaroo court isn't the word and I'm not defending the Nazis either. It was a show trial to punish the Germans as Stalin wanted it to be. The Americans just drug it out. Each and every one of the Nazis on trial deserved what they received, but the German people are the ones who suffered for it. Good show.


Holy mother! There isn't a redeeming quality amongst any of them. They are all vain, self centered bitches. We all know the score on AlexSimon, but they are quite possibly the most clueless people on reality tv. Seriously. They just sluff off whatever criticism like we are the ones who are idiots. And then self righteous Duhmona ... golly. SHE has the gall to be up in arms about nude photos of Alex? When she bounces around like a damn pole dancer? What's the difference Duhmona? She walked off the stage because SHE was insulted? She's been insulting the entire season and she just doesn't get it. And then AlexSimon just didn't understand why everyone was so up in arms about their pit of a house. She just doesn't care that they spend 10K on opening night tickets to the opera so they can be seen ... get new floors! Take the lead paint out of your house! Bethandthecity was just annoying. He little quips aren't cute, they aren't clever. They're stupid, she's stupid. She's psychotic and if Jason impregnates her, lord help him and that baby. Can you see her at 3am when the baby is crying? She'll want to impale the child with a pointy stick. Jason is going to have to quit his job ... wait, he was fired ... ok, so he can play Mr. Mom because Bethandthecity has the child care skills of a female preying mantis. I wouldn't trust a child around her. The Countess is so into her title. She says she's not, but she is. She loves the family jewels. I wish she'd call her son "nole" and not No-elle ... I have a friend from high school called Noelle .. she's a girl. Noel is a boy name and it's pronounced "NOLE", like Noel Gallagher from Oasis. She's so much in denial about her not wanting to be with her kids. She says it's her husband .. no honey, IT'S YOU!!! The Count is away on business ... you're home, well, you're not home, you're out coking it up with your fake hippie headband wearing 20 something niece so you can further your denial THAT YOU'RE A 40 SOMETHING MOTHER!! GROW THE F UP COUNTESS!!! You're so into receiving respect, but you don't give your kids time of day! Nole is going to hate you! Your daughter is going to be a supermodel and be ok, but your son is going to be completely screwed up for any woman. And Yenta Jill ... I actually kind of like her, but this whole Team Jill thing? No class!

I guess they are having season 2 ... can't wait!!!

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