Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last night, I watched Grindhouse as the double feature. I watched them separately about a month ago, but watching it as it was intended was much cooler. My friend's niece is one of the stars of Planet Terror, so it's kind of cool to see her, although her acting wasn't that good, but I guess since it's a spinoff of the bad B movies from the 70's, she may have done it right. Josh Brolin was doing this film while trying to convince the Coens to let him be Llewelyn in NCFOM. My friend's niece helped Brolin do an audition tape, she read the Carla Jean part ... so, there you have it.

The trailers in Grindhouse were vile. More gross than the movies themselves. Death Proof was my favorite of the double feature. So nice to see Kurt Russell be a total badass.

I read that Tarantino is doing a remake of The Dirty Dozen. THAT will be kickass. Go QT!!!

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