Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All I gotta say is WOW!

Sunday was the Dirt season finale .. it was a snoozer for the most part. Brent is dead ... Lucy had to id the body and his ... uh ... well, let's just say he was excited about being dead eh? Then she found out he made sex tapes with what's her name dressed up as Lucy ... oh brother.

Then there was Mad Men. I'm 2 episodes in toward the end of the first season. Dang ... this show is, dare I say, as addicting as the Sopranos?



Season finale of Real Housewives of NYC. Holy freaking cows on a stick. AlexSimon are the positively most insanely stupid people on the face of the earth. Their kids act like their hovel of a house looks!!! Dayum!!! That Francois is a juvenile deliquent already and those two buttheads have no clue!!! I hate them and I hate their kids. Seriously, there isn't a redeeming quality to them and any doo that Duhmona gives them is completely deserved.

Jill had a ultraluxe dinner party at the 21 Club, which is posh. Duhmona was late and dressed, as Avery put it, like a barbie doll. She lays into Alex about how codependent she is. Duhmona has issues with women. She adores men, contrary to what most people think. Duhmona hates her mother ... I'm telling you! And Simon the jaw clencher! I hope the dude wears a mouthguard because his back teeth are cracked beyond repair if he doesn't!

And then there's Bethandthecity ... hay-zeus! Are we a little bi-polar there deary? Jill is such a yenta wuss. If anyone, anyone, anyone told me that they wanted to stick a skewer into my eye? Do not pass go ... friendship over. She's a violent person. She's frightening and it's my hope that she and Jason never have children. She's a complete psycho and her children will be like her and not have any relationship with her out of fear for their little lives. I'd rather deal with Duhmona than Bethandthecity. Duhmona isn't psychopathic like Bandthecity.

Alex had Francois tested to see if he's a genius. Of course, she blankets it as respoinsible parenting, hmmm ... they never revealed with was said. I'm sure the guy said, your son is completely average and he has severe behavioral problems and will get his butt kicked on a daily basis at this so called prestigious PUBLIC kindergarten in Brooklyn you will be sending him to. Guess that tour that Yenta Jill arranged didn't work out eh? Know why??? THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT!!!! Prestigious public kindergarten. Are you kidding me???? In Brooklyn??? It's a public school people!!!

And then there's frumpy Ally .. sigh, spoiled rotten frumpy Ally. Jill, bless her heart, is really trying, but she's too far gone to teach responsibility and how hard mom and dad work. I did like how her gay husband didn't take lip from Ally though when she whined. That girl better go to school close to home because she won't be able to handle being away from mommy. Heaven forbid she has to make a decision for herself and fend for herself.

But dang, the countesses kids are gorgeous! I'll give her that. They look like her, thank god. I want to see the countess with a cig in the corner of her mouth and a martini in her hand one day. Rumor has it that she's a cokehead!!! What I wouldn't give to see that!

And then there's Bawwwbeee, Jill's husband, asking jason if Bethandthecity is the girl for him .... this after the eye skewering incident! He said that yes she was. Ok Jason, word of advice ... I know she's a chef and all, but please keep sharp objects away from her. Wear a helmet too.

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