Friday, April 18, 2008


I went out and purchased some shrubbery (I always think of Monty Python when I use that word) and I planted 3 French Pussy Willows and named them Johann, Francois and St. Barts in honor of my favorite little wannabe euro trash brats from Real Housewives of NYC and the vacation spot they spend their entire time with their au pair. Now the pressure is on to keep them alive!

I've been going through my Chaplin tivo stuff. I just adore him. A true visionary and just down right funny.

I am now a fan of 30 Rock. I don't like Tina Fey ... she just plays the girl with glasses thing a bit too over the top. Maybe I feel that way because I'm a girl with glasses. I don't know, she seems like she grew up being one of the Mean Girls (like in the movie she wrote) and now she's trying to redeem herself by wearing glasses begging people to take her seriously. I wear glasses because I need to see and I hate contact lenses because I don't like sticking my fingers in my eyes and I refuse to let anyone come near my eyeballs with a laser. Anyway, the show is funny. Alec Baldwin is even more underappreciated than Brad Pitt. Brother has range. Even Tracy Morgan who couldn't act his way out of a paper bag is really funny in this show. Glad I started tivo-ing it.

And to top things off, we had an earthquake this morning ... in Indiana!

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