Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm downsizing, slightly

As my Tivo is loading up by the hour, it seems ... I'm weeding out a little bit. Just a little.

Watched the season premieres of Pushing Daisies and Chuck and decided to nix 'em. I don't like cutsie shows and these shows have turned decidedly cutsie .... awwww, look at Chuck, so cute with Sarah .. awwww, fooey. I have to say that I'll miss Morgan and his Nerd Herd crew, but between Chuck and Sarah and Chuck's god awful annoying sister and fiance ... oh, and I'll miss the guy who played Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket too, sigh. Sorry guys, I gotta cut you loose. And Pushing Daisies really disappointed me ... again, yea yea yea, Ned and Chuck (wait, maybe I just have an anti-chuck thing going .. have to marinate on that one) ... he can't touch her, she'll die again, blah blah blah. I'm getting tired of that lovelorn look he constantly gives her. Awwww, he has to wear bell slippers around her .... poor Ned. I wish he'd just hook up with Olive and realize that she's way better than Chuck. I'll miss Chi McBride. He's great. And the guy at the morgue ... but the entire show has become too narrative and too cartoonish. It really disappoints me too because I loved Bryan Fuller's show, Dead Like Me ... why couldn't ABC just pick that up instead??? Man, I really need to run a network.

Heroes is my last holdover from last season, well, it's in it's third season and the only reason I'm watching it is because I'm so confused by it. Matt Parkman still annoys the snot out of me and I wish that guy wouldn't have come to rescue him in the desert. Mohinder's character is too Jeff Goldberg in the Fly ... come on writers ... you can do better than that! I like the Hiro, Claire and Petrelli storylines though. But Syler just creeps the heck out of me. Those eyebrows are just not to be believed and I HATE his acting .. he delivers every line with this raspy fake voice that just makes me want to give him a new voicebox that has a normal voice. He tries to act evil too much ... his coach should be fired.

So anyway .... I am looking forward to the premiere of Life on Mars. Keitel is going to be awesome, and Michael Imperioli too ... how cool is it that they are going to play 70's cops. It's right out of a Scorcese movie. Maybe he's a consultant. I have no idea who the main character is, I'm just excited about the supporting cast.

Well, now that I've cancelled Chuck, I can get back to Gossip Girl!!! Woo hoo! I missed the last one because of Chuck. I wonder if Reaper is coming back .. hope so ... that was a show that didn't take itself seriously and even though it has it's cutsie moments, it's not annoyingly cute, blech.

True Blood is getting better and better. It's almost making me want to go read the books that the show is based on. NOOOOOOOOOO ... I can't start reading!!!!!!

Oh, and the other show I'm keeping is Dirty Sexy Money. Simply the best cast on tv. I can forgive Donald Sutherland for doing that stupidass Fierce People movie now. Watched the series opener and it was just brilliant. I mean, I can't complain about any of the characters, they are all fantastic, even Billy Baldwin ... I will say that I think my favorite character is Jeremy, he and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl should meet. Wow, they could throw a great party. Ok, WB/ABC ... have a crossover episode!

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Blue Sunflowers said...

Reaper will be coming back, probably in the next couple months. It's got 13 more episodes. If you want more info, just click my link.