Monday, October 27, 2008

I'll Miss You Mad Men!!!

The season finale was fantastic! I was wrong on all counts about Don. He came back, as Don, begging to come back. Betty was her usual deluded self, only now she's pregnant! So what does she do? She goes horseback riding, she's smoking, goes to a bar and drinks and has a tryst in a bathroom with a complete stranger! Then she goes home and proceeds to nosh on a piece of chicken, this was after Sallie said "mommy doesn't like to eat". So she let's Don come back ...

Peggy confessed to Pete about the baby. But I'm confused. Did she give it away? Or was she lying about that to keep Pete from pursuing it??? Pete laid it on the line. Told her he loved her. But he was drinking and lonely. I'm glad Peggy stood her ground. She really left him hanging.

Not sure about the merger. It blew up in Duck's face, which was great. It seems that his whole MO was to get rid of Don via an employment agreement he thought he had, which he didn't. Don just laughed in Duck's face and said "I don't have a contract" and Bert and Roger looking sheepish stating that they didn't think they needed one! This means that Don can go out to another agency and take clients with him. Duck blew up and that was that. Not sure if the merger is going to happen now. At least Pete did the CYO job of all CYO jobs by playing Duck and Don ... Pete's learning.

The entire episode was set up during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Not being alive during that time, but studying it in my history classes in college, it must have been weird (is that the right word?), or just plain scary. It made the entire episode tense, which is what every character exuded ... tension.

I hope they bring it back for a third season. I'll be heartbroken if they don't.

True Blood was great too. Bill is alive ... came crawling out of the ground and grabbed Sookie and they ... well ... you know. We are getting more and more informed about Sam and his nudist ways. Stephen Root made a great cameo appearance as a lonely vampire who doesn't leave his house. He was creepy, but you had to feel sorry for him on some level. He ends up getting kidnapped for his blood by Jason and his new girlfriend, who is something other than human, but not vampire. With Mad Men gone, maybe I'll be able to get better sleep on Sunday nights.

30 Rock starts up again this week!

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