Friday, October 24, 2008

Life on Mars is Definitely COOL!!!

First of all, I found out that next week's episode is the season finale of Mad Men :( I predict that Don is going to fess up to Betty who he really is and she will completely fall off the deep end and end up in the loony bin, at least I hope so, I'm tired of her craziness. The writers need to give her a rest. I wonder who will lose their jobs in the merger. I have a feeling that Peggy and Pete are going to have it out once and for all. Or maybe Peggy will talk sense into Don and convince him not to fess up to Betty ...

The second episode of Life on Mars was magnificent! I was right, Keitel and Imperioli make the show what it is. The main guy even grew on me a little bit. There was a scene where Keitel and Tyler get into a fight in a hospital room. It's just hilarious. The opening scene where they are chasing a guy wearing a banana hammock was also howl worthy. I have the episode from last night waiting for me ... I LOVE YOU TIVO!!!

True Blood was great. I don't think that Bill is dead ... they can't kill Bill. I'll stop watching the show if they do. Apprently, Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer are now an item for real. Duh, the chemistry is there on screen. I want to know what Sam is .. he was spotted running nekid across a field ... wth?

And Total Wrecklamation, what a great show. I hope her business is getting a big boost from the show because Jodi Murphy is really something to watch. Man, some guy bid 1K on a stone porch ... marble, and won! It was worth at least 12K. It was surprsing to see how blah this beautiful mansion in Wilmette was .. it was downright ugly on the inside. Maybe that's why it was being torn down. She did manage to sell it all off ... every last piece of lumber, so it wouldn't go to the landfill. Love it.

And Gossip Girl is getting great. I can't believe I'm writing that. I love that the writers are focusing on Chuck now. He makes the show what it is. If anyone has seen the documentary, Born Rich, I have a feeling that Chuck Bass is slightly based on Luke Weil. The only problem there is that Luke Weil was busted for heroin awhile back ... I hope they don't do that to Chuck. Blair is just weird looking. The writers do need to stop punishing her though, but hey, at least I don't have to hear that whiney voice of Serena all the time now.

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