Friday, October 31, 2008

Total Wrecklamation and Factory Girl

Ok, I want to meet Jodi Murphy. She cracks me up. Who knew an auctioneer could be so cool. She auctioned off stuff from a beautiful home in Downers Grove. I would have killed for that front door! I don't know if she hams it up for the cameras, I don't think she does, but she's really cool.

I love Andy Warhol. Do I? Well ... I like his art ... art? Ok, I like what Andy Warhol did in the art world. Kind of ground it up with his shoe and shoved it back in the faces of the pretentious art gillerati. I think I've seen most of the films that depict Warhol:

David Bowie played him in Basquiat .. so so ... too cartoonish for me
Jared Harris in I Shot Andy Warhol ... again, so so ...
Cripin Glover played him in The Doors ... caught his quirkiness, that's about it

But I think that Guy Pearce did the best portrayal in Factory Girl. With the exception of Crispin Glover ... all the others who have played Andy aren't American.

Factory Girl is about Edie Sedgwick, an heiress, who pal'd with Warhol and his crowd for a brief period of time. She died when she was 28 of a drug overdose, hello Janis, Hello Jimi, Hello Jim. Edie was beautiful. The film portrays her as a lost soul, who knows? She ends up falling in love with Bob Dylan (Dylan threatened to sue the film producers, so he's billed as "musician" ... but it's a big fat duh ... oh, and Hayden Christianson plays Dylan really well). Sienna Miller plays Edie. She's ok ... I'd have to say my favorite portrayals were Christianson as Dylan, Pearce as Warhol and Iliana Douglass as Diana Vreeland.

Overall, the film, to me seemed to try to wow the audience with "oh, they look so much like ... ", but the story was kind of weak, like they ran out of money and could only give the highlights. It could have been better. I thought I Shot Andy Warhol was a much better film. Since Edie was with Andy for such a short period of time, I would have thought it would have been better I guess.

Maybe it's just too hard to make a film about The Factory and Warhol.

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