Saturday, October 11, 2008

New shows ...

I watched the miniseries, The Starter Wife last week. It was about as fluffy as a show can get and I can't believe that I kept up with it. I used to like Debra Messing. I loved the show Ned & Stacey, it didn't stay on the air long enough. Never got into Will & Grace. I just looked like a really pretentious show that was trying to shock, yawn. Starter Wife must have been an easy paycheck for Joe Montagna. I don't know if I'll watch the new series. I think I have the first episode recorded, we'll see.

And ... doo di dee dee doo dee doooo!!!

Life on Mars! Seriously folks, the ONLY, and I mean THE ONLY reason to watch this show is for Harvey Keitel and Michael Imperioli. Keitel looks like he's having fun playing to type (total badass mofo). Going back in my memory, Keitel's done a few stupid roles (can't remember the show about the monkey), but between Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Bad Lieutenant, Mean Streets ... why hasn't this guy won an Oscar yet? Well, hopefully this will get him an emmy. Michael Imperioli! Love that guy. He looks different from any other role he's done. Kind of like Serpico and that's only because I can't think of anyone else to compare him to. Like Keitel, he's having fun with the role. Hopefully he'll get more meaty stuff later. The main guy, Jason O'Mara is ok, but he's definitely second fiddle to my main guys. It is nice to see Lisa Bonet acting again. She has such a troubled face, but she's a good actress. I really liked her in High Fidelity and I haven't seen her in anything else except for Life on Mars. Looking forward to next week.

My friend from England turned me on to the show, Little Britain, a few years ago. For some reason .. ahhhhh .. hmmmmm ... she thought that I'd like the humor. Wow, she was right. What can I say, I grew up watching Monty Python on PBS as a child (shame on my parents ... yea right). I love the Python movies and I have to admit that I've let my kids watch SELECT skits, but so far, they really dig the Terri Gilliam cartoons.

Anyway, Little Britain is on HBO as Little Britain USA. Their characters are now in the US. They have some new characters as well, but they are lame compared to the standbys. It's raunchier than the British version. I don't know, maybe they think that Americans are more vile .. are we??? I love the lady who leads the weight watchers meetings. Rosie O'Donnell was a guest on that sketch and you can only imagine where it lead ... funny nonetheless. There were a couple sketches, one involving naked bodybuilders in a lockerroom that was too over the top, but overall, it was funny.

But my new show is called Total Wrecklamation on Planet Green. It's a show about this auctioneer in Chicago who goes into houses that are going to be torn down and auctions off everything she can, thus saving as much as possible from the landfill. The first show I saw had this family get an 85K kitchen for 14K! I was amazed. The sticking points though are that the sales are cash only and the stuff has to be out by the end of the day. It really is something to see though, what people are willing to teardown, but I wonder how much more that will be happening now ... sigh. That's an entire other diatribe.


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