Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mad Men Season Finale Tonight and I am Sad

Now I think that Don is going to tell Betty that he is staying in California with Anna. Good! Let that stupid twit try to take care of herself. She thinks she's in control? Ha .. nevahhhhhh!!!

John Hamm was the host of SNL last night. Man, that show has really gone in the crapper. It's just not funny anymore. Sure, when Fey & Pohler are together, it has some great comedic moments, but it was just dismal watching last night ... what, a guy playing a robo-cal? Are you kidding me? Belushi and Radner are rolling in their graves right now. Even the skit they tried to spoof Mad Men with guest apperances by Peggy and Roger was lame-O!!! Lorne Michaels, we hardly knew ye.

Life on Mars was a tearjerker in the end. Tyler actually saw himself as a child with his Dad ... sniff sniff. I like the hippie chick character. I wonder if she's a figment of his imagination. She's kind of a Greek Chorus character, keeping him on track. Keitel had some great lines, as usual. I smell an emmy for him! Imperioli already has one for Sopranos, it's Harvey time!

Total Wrecklamation is still fabulous. I wonder how the show is going to do if this teardown craze comes to an end in Chicago. Is it slowing down??? I also really like Living With Ed. It follows Ed Begley Jr. and his wife, Rochelle. She's cool and puts up with his quirks like a trooper. I love his competitive streak with Bill Nye and I kind of have to say that I hope Bill wins .. Ed's kind of smug and holier than thou sometimes.

So, I actually watched a movie. I love Albert Brooks ... Lost in America, Defending your Life .. and yes, Nemo. He's just a funny guy and his brother is too ... did you know his brother is Super Dave? He's also in Curb Your Enthusiasm (when is that coming back on???) Anyway, Albert Brooks just makes me laugh .. very deadpan, not vulgar. Well, he did this strange movie called Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World .. is that the right title? The premise is funny ... he plays himself and gets tapped by the gov't to find out what makes people in the Muslim world laugh. He gets sent to India first .. why, I have no idea. He tries to find out what makes Hindus laugh and completely bombs out and we never really find out why ... come on, something has to be funny to Hindus, or else he's just jabbing at Hindus. The one funny scene is each day, he has to pass by one of these call centers in New Delhi and each day he hears different company names. Well, he bombs doing his standup for a roomful of Indian citizens, so he goes to Pakistan ... he sneaks into Pakistan and he kills (not literally) with the same jokes that bombed in New Delhi, to a crowd of 5 Pakistani comedians ... unfortunately, this causes a major international incident and literally, 20 minutes after the Pakistani standup routine, the movie was over ... poof, done. I don't know, I thought it would be funnier. They shouldn't have spent so much time on the Indian side and focused more on the Pakistani side because THAT was funny. Oh Albert ... I'm sorry, but you lost me on this one.

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