Monday, October 20, 2008

Mad Men ... Best Episode Yet

Each and every scene was key. I adore the "other" Don. He's relaxed and ... NICE! Seems that we have met the wife of the real Don Draper and she is honestly, Don's soulmate. I think that Don is considering just staying with her.

Poor Joan. She obviously made the wrong choice in a man, sigh. And there's Joan, just taking it, so unlike Joan.

Betty, psycho Betty, manipulative Betty, horrible friend, Betty. She knew what she was doing when she set up her friend and the stable guy and then to feign anger afterwards??? She put Sallie in the closet for punishment for smoking! Oh, and she's not upset that this little girl is smoking cigarettes, she's ticked because she may burn the house down! My god .. I just shake my head.

Peggy is really coming into her own. I think that Roger gave her the office just because Peggy had the nerve to come right out and ask. But who knows what will happen now that the merger has been approved. Roger, of course, loves it and Bert is broken hearted .. I wish he would have voted nay. Boy, Don sure is going to have a case full of surprises when he gets back.

I do have a feelng that Pete is going to go after Peggy with a vengeance again. Who knows, maybe they'll end up together after she loses her job as a result of the merger and she'll tell Pete that they have a kid together and he can be rid of Trudy and that family of hers.

Can't wait for next week!

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