Saturday, December 27, 2008

Casey Affleck Should Play David Byrne

Watched Gone Baby Gone ... ok, it's not a bad movie, per se. Not at all. All performances were fantastic and I won't be happy until Ed Harris finally wins an Oscar (deserved one for Pollack). Casey Affleck is a good actor, Jesse James wasn't a fluke and he was better in this one, probably because he was playing where he came from ... brother Ben is a capable director and I think he was going more for the feel of Dorchester and getting the accents right, but I hated the movie for the subject matter. I just don't like movies where children die or suffer and the ending of the movie made me angry. I know, it was based on a book and it had to remain true to the subject at hand, but still. It just wasn't my kind of movie. I wanted that little girl to stay with Morgan Freeman, not end up alone on a couch with Casey Affleck becoming the accidental babysitter and poof, fade to black.

I was so upset after watching Gone Baby Gone, I had to diffuse it by watching Twelve Monkeys. Watched it years ago and remember liking it and I still like it. Brad Pitt's character was like a psychotic version of the character Leonardo DeCaprio played in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. And I caught an accidental ironic line spoken by Bruce Willis when he shouted "all I see are dead people" ... HA!!!! Sixth Sense!!!!! Anyway, 12 Monkeys is my second favorite Gilliam film, Fisher King being my favorite.

Started re-watching Thin Red Line. I didn't like it the first time I saw it. It came out at the same time as Saving Private Ryan and I think that was the problem. Private Ryan wasn't hard to watch ... storyline flowed, not a thinking movie. This one is more thinky ... is that a word? I'm about 20 minutes in ... long way to go. Good thing it's Christmas break.

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