Sunday, December 28, 2008

What in God's name was that???

I was idly flipping channels last night ... Where is the cast of 90210 now ... Living With Ed, House Hunters ... la dee dah. Then I stopped on a show that I have no idea what in heaven's name it is. It's called Whatever, Martha. Whatever? Yea, what the heck??? It's Martha's overtly bitter daughter Alexis and her plump friend sitting on couches and chairs Mystery Science Theatr-ing Martha's old shows. I was completely sucked in and I'm not proud of it. Alexis Stewart, again, is a very bitter, sarcastic, well, insert any word .. geez! I'm no fan of Martha Stewart by any means, I like Ina Garten though, and she's almost like Martha Stewart, but for some reason, she doesn't incite the same derision as Martha Stewart does. I think Martha Stewart is uppity and arrogant and I find absolutely nothing she cooks or crafts appealing to me whatsoever. I will say, though, that I thought she was thoroughly railroaded when she was sent to jail and shouldn't have had to go and I will give her major kudos for coming back like gangbusters to reclaim her empire.

Anyway, Alexis Stewart and her plump friend Jennifer Hutt sit there and make fun of Martha's shows like teenagers trying to get away with snooping in their parents underwear drawers. They act like complete mean girls who would make fun of someone for not wearing the right clothes. Jennifer isn't as mean and sarcastic as Alexis, she just goes along for the ride, agreeing with anything Alexis deems right.

Did I enjoy it? Well, I enjoyed it more for the shock factor than anything else. Alexis, again, is just bitter and I would HATE to be in the same room as her. Whay is she so vicious and mean? If I grew up in Westport and Easthampton, I'd be the nicest chick on earth! She acts like a spoiled 16 year old who has never gotten over the "I hate mommy" phase of her life. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing nice about her. I don't know, maybe it's an act and Alexis really is a sweetheart, but I kind of doubt it. I wonder if Alexis is a younger version of Martha. As arrogant as Martha is on camera, methinks that she's more like Alexis off camera, mean mean, mean. I can only imagine that Jennifer must have some wicked information on Alexis to keep her in line. Ultimately, the conversations always veer off into sexland, which ... yawn ... boring. I could care less about their personal lives. It's the mocking of Martha that's fun and they should stick to that, but the bottom line is that watching Whatever, Martha is like eavesdropping on popular girl's phonecalls. I'm afraid that one of these days, I'm going to get my butt chewed off by Alexis for watching the show.

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