Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas break viewing!

With all my shows on break, I can catch up with my movie viewing. Saw 2 somewhat quality films last night. By somewhat quality, I mean that Jesse James is still fresh in my noggin.

I watched Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and I almost stopped 30 seconds in ... yuck! I'm sorry, and I'm no big prude either, but seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman's plump posterior going at it with Marisa Tomei almost made me hurl. I felt the same way about the Cooler too, only I didn't have to see William H. Macy's rump right at the beginning of the film. These 2 are great actors who don't need to drop trou in order to make the film good. So, I fast forwarded ... which was even scarier, should have fast forwarded with my eyes shut, oh well. So then I had to watch the entire film with PSH's nekid scene going through my head, which really made it difficult. What's funny is that they didn't show Ethan Hawke nekid, which wouldn't have been as traumatic ... why why why??? So, this film was like Memento, jumps back and forth, back some more ... forward some more, yawn. The story was good and PSH's performace was great, but he's great in everything, especially when I don't have to see his naked pasty white can of Crisco 30 seconds into the film. I don't know, it was ok, but ... THE BUTT!!!

Also watched American Gangster. Denzel & Russell! Apparently at one point it was supposed to be Denzel & Benicio Del Toro. It's based on a true story about one of my favorite times in history, 1970's NYC. Great performances all the way around and the scene where Denzel and Russell are passing a coffee cup back and forth during interrogation was cool as heck. Ridley Scott makes films in his sleep, not that there's anything wrong with it. No pasty white butts in this movie, just some naked women cutting heroin. I'm not a huge fan of big budget productions, but this one was good.

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