Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I watched the second Truman Capote/In Cold Blood movie this afternoon, called Infamous. It was a completely different film. On the one hand, I like it better because it focused on Capote as a person and what a terrible manipulative twirp he was. I think this one embellished his relastionship with Perry way too much. Sorry,but I just don't see the make out session really happening. Truman was much too prissy for such foolishness. I like the first half of Infamous a lot. The second half, not so much. Again, this had more to do with the society people that were featured and the people who played them, Siguourney Weaver, Gwenyth Paltrow, Hope Davis and Sandra Bullock, I thought, was a better Harper Lee than Katherine Keener. As for Capote ... I don't know, Phillip Seymour Hoffman made Capote too artistic, which I don't think is quite accurate. The guy who played him in Infamous was over the top ... he looked like Elmer Fudd with the voice of porky pig. But I think that the Infamous Capote probably captured Capote's true nature moreso than PSH in Capote. PSH still deserved that Oscar though. Daniel Craig was great as Perry Smith, the killer who supposedly fell in love with Capote. The guy who played him in Capote was very childlike .. I don't know, the movies are very different from each other. As far as character for character, I liked Infamous better, but as for the story itself, I liked Capote.

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