Saturday, April 17, 2010

And Then There's High Society

This week's ep of High Society was a ... can't even think of a good word for it.

Apparently, Tinsley Mortimer can't comb her own hair or put on makeup. Damn, I want to live like that! She's the biggest whiner ..... boo hooo ... everyone's so mean to me. What can I do about all the mean things that people say? Wahhhhhh Wahhhhhhh! She's like a 16 year old girl!!! And this homely Devorah Rose is a piece of work. She's her biggest fan, and Jules Kirby got the best line in of the night. Devorah Rose was having this party launching this line of bikinis and *gasp*, Jules Kirby just happened to show up .... what a coincidence, NOT! Words were exchanged and drinks were thrown ... and Jules says that for a man, Devorah looks good in a bikini! I about fell off the couch laughing. Good one Jules! Too bad you're such a deplorable excuse for a human being otherwise. Here's 2 words that Ms. Kirby should learn, Personal Responsibility.

I'll give Dale some credit this week. I love how mama bear she is! She took homely Devorah Rose to the woodshed and reduced her to tears without raising her voice! I loved it!!!! Now THAT'S as suthun' belle as it gets!

And thankfully, there was very little of that gross, self important boob JPC ... he's as disgusting as Jules Kirby in the personality department. And this Tommy girl is a trainwreck. He's very together when he's sober, but turns into a sobbing little sorority girl when he drinks. Maybe they are made for each other.

The most level headed person so far is Tinsley's sister, Dabney. She's the most mature person on the show! More of her!

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