Thursday, April 29, 2010

Marriage Under Construction

So I've been watching this show. I can't really say why either because Nat and Rod are annoying as snot. And now Nat is pregnant and man is she as haggy as Rod is fat. Seriously, he looks awful and he's not going to make it to their baby daughter's 5th birthday unless he goes on a doctor assisted weight loss program. And Nat is just awful. She's weird AND awful. She nags Rod, whines to Rod and then she's kissy face ... the woman is psycho. I wish them well they seem to genuinely love each other, but man, they have a weird relationship.

The house ... where the heck did they get all this money to gut that place? I mean, they were living in something they called the frat house and all of a sudden, they are gutting this big old house ... hate their master bedroom ....closets are dumb, you can see the bathtub from the bed .. no wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom. And then there's this huge rooftop deck and what does Nat say? She imagines what it will be like to have the baby up there! Oh man, it's obvious that they are first time parents!!!

But let's back up a bit. So they are living in the frat house, Nat whines and whines and whines while Rod gets fatter and fatter and his facial hair changes with every scene. Rod is a big child ... much to the annoyance of Nat, who goes on a shopping binge to punish Rod ... real mature! Ugh! Ok ... so Nat is whining about the frat house, they buy this big old house ... they bully the designer and contractor into making an apartment in the basement where they can live and Nat can stop whining about the frat house, while the renovations are being done. The basement apartment was kick ass too! All new stuff! Again, where are they getting this cash??? So, they are living there for awhile and boom, she's pregnant and since the renos are going the way Nat wants to, she just can't live in that kickass basement anymore and they move back to the frat house!!! No wonder Rod is getting bigger and bigger.

So anyway, the master bedroom is done .. it sucks, but it's done. Oh yea, and have fun hauling that baby up and down those 3 flights of stairs!!! Bwahhhhhhhh!!!!! Nat is going to be such a haggy mom ... poor Rod ... he's going to be 500 pounds by the baby's first birthday.

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Anonymous said...

He owned a bunch of restaurants. Think by now he's sold them all and opened up a meatball place. Anyway, that's where he got all the money.