Sunday, April 25, 2010

The World According to Monsanto vs. Food Inc.

Watched over the last week. The Monsanto film made me want to go through our refrigertor and and pantry and throw any that has any corn or soy products in them into the garbage. But I didn't ... what the heck would I eat? It's truly amazing how Monsanto products are EVERYWHERE, IN EVERYTHING in such a short time. Round Up ready soybeans have only been on the market since 1996 and now they control over 90% of the market and 90% of the farmers ... who are watched like hawks and threatened with lawsuits if they don't submit. Just unbelieveable. Food Inc., on the other hand was good, to a point. They had to try to make Wal-Mart look like some great corporate citizen in their efforts to go organic. Give me a break. They still sell Tyson and Smithfield ... 2 big targets of Food Inc .. so they buy yogurt from Stonyfield and we're all supposed to hold hands and say ... awww, Wal-Mart is great? I don't think so! Phooey on Food Inc. You guys had me until Wal-mart.

Monsanto has to be one of the most evil companies on the face of the earth. But we can't get away from any of their products ... sigh.

onto mindless tv.

Party Down started up again ... first episode ... meh .... better get better. Now the show on immediately after is great. It's called Gravity and it's about a support group for suicide survivors. The cast is formidible. Glad to see Ving Rhames back in action! Peter Sheffer too ... where has that guy been? I'll stick with Gravity, but Party Down is hanging by a thread.

Missed RHNYC this week ... ugh! Damn tivo! Will have to watch and write up at some point in the future!

Love that Jon Stewart is going after Bernie Goldberg with a vengeance!

And Kirstie Alley has finally gone scientologist on us! Her handyman, Jim, got sick and Kirstie sweetly nursed him back to health. She's a nice person and seems very real to me. But she explained to Jim "in my religion", one gets sick because something upset them ... wahhhhhhh? Do germs only attack people that are upset by something? Do germs only go after people that have these aliens in them? Oh my ...

Oh yea, watched Religulous ... Bill Maher's film about the hypocrisy and danger of organized religion. Well, yea, he was preaching to the choir, but the one thing I loved ... well, a couple things. I like how he lit up and smoked with a guy in Amsterdam ... but I also love that he lost that smug crap look he gets on his face when he delivers a punchline. It made the movie a lot more tolerable. He refers to religion as a neurological disorder, which I find rather amusing.

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