Monday, April 12, 2010

Kirstie Alley's Big Life and Personal Che

I've been watching Kirstie Alley's Big Life on A&E. I also watched her Showtime series, Fat Actress. Big Life is better. Fat Actress was funny, but Big Life is more of a true reality show. It's not only about her either. She has some very interesting people who work for her and they are all part of the show. Her personal assistant (who has an assistant) is such a pretty and smart woman ... but she's horribly shy. The assistant's assistant is hilarious and a tad clueless. The best of her menagerie of staffers is her chubby buddy, Jim ... Jim??? He's on his way to a massive heart attack and it's interesting to see the process and how HARD it is to lose weight! It's not about losing weight per se, it's about changing your lifestyle ... that's the hard part. Of course, she's shilling her weight loss program. Fortunately, it's not the focal point of the show. Neither is Scientology! I am constantly amazed by her kids! Wow, they are soooooo normal, it's just unbelieveable. Obviously, she has raised those kids right! Kudos and I hope she can take off the weight.

We have this new channel called the Doc Channel, which is like heaven for me since I'm such a documentary freak. I watched Personal Che. It's about how the legacy of Che Guevara lives on today. The saddest part of the movie was how diluted Guevara and his message have gotten over the decades since his execution in Bolivia. There are actually people who pray to him as a saint ... hello people. Guevara was an atheist. And then when someone told them of Guevara's hatred of religion, the people stood there dumfounded and didn't believe them. There are also people in Cuba who didn't believe he was killed. The filmmakers showed the death photos and the people, again, couldn't believe it. Sigh. And then there was a Salvadoran man in NY who sells Guevara tchochkes, t-shirts, etc, which I'm sure would make guevara nuts if he saw it. The man was walking down the street and was accosted by Cubans who immediately attacked him verbally. Fortunately, there was a Cuban woman who told the men that this is America, he can wear a Guevara shirt if he wants and to leave the man alone. It was a great documentary and I'll have to keep my eyes open to see what else comes on this channel.

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