Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh those Housewives ...

so I'm watching it on my tivo RIGHT NOW ...

So we open with Duhmona going all Duhmona on Bethandthecity ... wtf???? Seriously, Duhmona is a complete lunatic. I actually felt sorry for Bethandthecity. Duhmona doesn't even know what she's saying. She's as impulsive as a 3 year old. It was like "whew", there Alex and Simon! NEVER did I ever think I'd write those words.

And then there's yenta jill ... oy! Isn't it obvious that she's always been the homely girl in the group and she's dragging LuAnn down into her homely world and LuAnn loves it. Seriously, Jill is u-g-l-y you ain't got no alibi. She's acting like Ginger ... next, she'll start smelling like Ginger by the end of the seaons.

And I really feel bad for Bethandthecity. You have to admit, as ascerbic (acerbic?) as she is, she doesn't play games. She never says anything to get approval. Everything coming out of her mouth, she means. She did mean it when she told Jill to get a hobby. Her Dad is dying and she's completely screwed up over it. She's hanging by a thread and she has enough class not to throw it in everyone's faces. And what about Fangface? She should become a therapist! And I'll give props, their Cobble Hill place looks AMAZING! Much better than the liberace inspired hovel that Yenta Jill lives in.

And then back to Duhmona ... that piece of crap is the biggest crap stirrer on the show. She's the leaker, she wants Yenta Jill and Bethandthecity to fight like cats and dogs because she gets a rise out of it. And I forgot about last season when Yenta Jill AMBUSHED Bethandthe city with Kelly last season!!! So now Yenta Jill is not only a homely size FIVE, but she's also a flaming hypocrite!!!! And know what, if Bawbee had his frickin' "throat cut open from he-ah to he-ah", why would Bethandthecity want to talk to him??? I think that Yenta Jill was looking to dump Bethandthecity and she set her up to fail so she could act like a victim when the friendship was ov-ah.

Uh oh .. here comes Bethandthecity ... her dad wouldn't see her .. wow, that's heartbreaking. Doorbell ringing .. and then there's IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT ... you talkin' to me, you talkin' to me ... what, is she Travis Bickle now .. Bickle's voice is higher. What a twit. IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is acting like a scorned little girl. OMG, there she is listening in the door. I don't know why Bethandthecity is even wasting her time. and then Duhmona lies about asking Bethandthecity to the apt??? And then IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT gets all pitbully in a tizzy and makes it all about her!

Bethandthecity, sweetie give it up. Don't waste your time. Yenta Jill's day of reckoning is nigh when IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT finds herself a new apartment and a new man. Then what ...

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