Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mr. Death

Again, Errol Morris is the best documentary filmmaker alive. I watched his documentary on the completely whacky, but incredibly blunt, Frank Leuchter. He improved the electric chair, which lead to him making an efficient lethal injection machine, which lead him to build a more efficient gallows .... sigh. I'm anti-death penalty, btw, but listening to him rationalize what he does was scary. He's being humane and dignified ... I don't know. But his real claim to fame is that he is a holocaust denier. He went to the death camps and chipped away at the gas chamber walls and had them alazyzed and claims that they were not gas chambers because there wasn't any residue in the concrete walls. First of all, desecration of a historical place ... NOT COOL DUDE! Second of all, really? Well, I guess his just deserts was that his career went into the dumper as a result of his "study". Great documentary.

Sons of Tuscon, over it.

Modern Family ... awesome

The Middle ... still ticks me off, but it really is funny. The Middle is for blue collar families what Modern Family is for white collar families. A good combination, good thing they are on back to back.

Been watching this show on HGTV called Marriage Under Construction. It's based in Toronto. It's about this married couple who buy their first house and renovate the crap out of it. Ok, where are they getting all this money? Seriously, the deck and backyard probably cost as much as my minivan. And their basement probably cost half as much as my house! The couple, Rod and Nat, are an interesting pair. She's pretty acerbic and he's ... hmmmmm ... well, he's a chef ... and I always say, never trust a skinny chef, but Rod really needs to get healthy. But Nat and Rod seem to be very compatible. It's a good show.

Also watching 30 Days on Planet Green. It's a continuation of the guy who did Supersize Me ... can't remember his name ... ugh! Sperlock ... yea, Morgan Spurlock. Each week, he takes people out of their elements for 30 days. A Christian had to live as a Muslim ... there's one where Spurlock and his girlfriend have to live on minimum wage ... should be interesting

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