Friday, April 30, 2010

Hot Mess! Real Housewives!

Wooooooo-eeeeeeee!!!! yea ha!

Yenta Jill ... yea, she's one hot mess!! She's one hot mess of a freaking hypocrite!!! She gets on her high horse telling Bethandthecity to keep HER email private but that stupid freak doesn't think twice about sharing the voicemail that she creepily kept in her voicemailbox with anyone who would listen
?????? And then there she is bubbie-ing Bawbee on tv making him look like a total put#. But he sure loves her. If I treated my dear husband that way ... well, he wouldn't be my husband for long! Bawbee is a saint. And there she is saying that IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT and sexpot sonja that THEY are out Yenta-ing her? Yea, hun ... guess it takes one to know one.

As for Fangface ... and she even admitted it ... she may regret the delivery, but she doesn't regret the message. And Fangface was really projecting her own anger toward Yenta Jill by being Bethandthecity's consigliere.

Sexpot Sonja ... I about spit out my pepsi when I heard her actually mutter the words that she doesn't everything in moderation! That's rich!!!! Here she is bragging about how she's doing the horizontal hootchie with whomever because she doesn't want to dry up ... yea, that's moderation baby! And that mouth! That botoxed upper lip!!! IEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! And what about that toothless homeless person that she uses as a psychic? Sexpot Sonja must not pay her very much because and I thought it was funny that she offered to talk to her surgeon about a b00bie lift ... hey Sonja, pay the psychic to get a new pair of choppers!!!! And a new coat! I have to wonder where she found this stringy haired freak ... and I wonder where she goes after she's done at Sexpot's townhouse ... oh oh oh ... and did anyone else get weepy when she described how much she had to give up in the divorce? are you kidding me? She obviously has enough to pay the toothless stringy haired homeless woman to blow sunshine up that taught rear end of hers!!!!

And back to Yenta Jill ... did I mention what a classless twit she is? IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT nailed her but good! Late, talking while IAMSTILLACOUNTESSDAMMIT is trying to talk, twittering ... SO &^%$#@! RUDE!!!!

I hope that Yenta Jill is looking over these episodes and getting a clue about what a horrible person that she is.

And I truly felt bad for Jason II ... anyone care to guess who leaked the info to Perez Hilton? I'm surprised they didn't focus on that a bit more ...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder if it was someone at Bravo???

Next week is going to be another hot mess!!!!

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