Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yea yea yea

Olympics ... Phelps again. But that relay crushed the world record. They are the first relay to go under 7 minutes for the 800 relay ... unbelieveable! I was so pumped after watching it, I had to watch a movie.

In keeping with my Danny Boyle film festival, I watched Sunshine. I think I liked it. It was kind of 2001, kind of 28 Days Later (another Danny Boyle movie) ... it was confusing, for me anyway. I contemplated just giving up on it, but I toughed it out until the end and I get the big picture. The sun is dying, it's snowing in Australia, but I don't understand why and the crew has to crash a "payload" into the sun to get it working again. There's some religion aspects, lots and lots of science (which is probably why I don't understand to film entirely) and really cool special effects. It's one of those depressing yet uplifting endings ... again, I think I liked it. So as my brain tried to wrap itself around that movie, it was about 3am, so I went back to ..


Women's gymnastics, LIVE!!! Our women won the silver, which was expected. The Chinese pre-pubescent girls, sorry, they're just not 16, owned the mats. Bela Karolyi is right, they should just chuck the rule entirely. I'm sure he has some pre-pubescent girls in his gym that he'd love to have on the team. Methinks he knows how to bend the rules like the Chinese do.

The funniest thing is The Daily Show actually has a correspondent in Beijing for real. Rob Riggle, who is an ex-Marine/Afghanistan veteran is absolutely hysterical playing the ugly American. The Chinese people are having fun with him too.

And in honor of the upcoming football season, I've added the Chicago Bears fight song, Bear Down Chicago Bears ... a REAL song for a REAL football team ... a team that plays OUTSIDE. I've also added the Notre Dame Victory March ... man, ND better put together at least 8 wins this season. And in honor of the Olympics, Nike keeps running this commercial with a song that has the chorus "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier". It's the Killers, All These Things That I've Done ... great great song on so many different levels.

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