Monday, August 25, 2008

Ok ok ... Jacques Rogge ... you're still an idiot

Oops, got his name wrong ... still don't like how he was bashing Usain Bolt.

I can't believe the Olympics are over. I'm officially in withdrawl. I haven't turned on the tv today :( I'm so sad. I didn't even watch the closing ceremonies. Couldn't bear it.

And how about Iceland??? Silver medal in men's team handball! I have this odd fascination with Iceland. Maybe it's a Bjork thing. I don't know. I don't think there would be a darn thing on the island I would like to eat, but those spas. I hope to go there at some point in my life. But how cool that they won their first ever Olympic medal. Between that and Afghanistan winning a medal and that German weighlifter dedicating his medal to his recently deceased wife .. a great Olympics I'd say. Heck I even got into watching the men's basketball. I was amazed at how humble those guys were. They didn't show up and expect to win. They got shoved around and gave it right back, a good show!!! LeBron James is THE MAN! Hat's off to him.

Mad Men was fantastic!!!

"Thank you Don"

That was the best line of the evening, well that and:

"I'm Ken"

Don showing up in the hospital was a "whoa" moment for me. I'm such a sucker. So Don knows about Peggy's baby ... that's why he called her to "fix" the accident with Bobbie. Peggy better not get too comfy with calling him "Don" though. He uses people. Hope she doesn't take Bobbie's advice to heart.

Pete and Trudy. Pete is a gigantic ... . Trudy is just a twit. She should go get a job or go riding with Betty. I don't know how much clearer Pete could make it that he doesn't want a baby (HA!!!) I hope there's a big to do when Pete finds out about Peggy's baby.

Joan is engaged. Bet it doesn't happen.

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