Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm in Olympic Heaven!!!

I started watching the Olympics at 2am this morning ... live. I've had 'em on all dang day!!! Fencing ... US women swept the sabre, a Domer won the gold! Badminton, my favorite sport in college ... I was a tournament player in college ya know?? Swimming, soccer ... god this is freaking great!!!

More reflections on the opening ceremonies. I found it interesting that during one portion of the ceremony, they went through Chinese history and ... hmmmm ... COMPLETELY LEFT OUT THE RISE OF MAO AND THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION ... wonder why, NOT.

And why why why is such a big fat deal made out of beach volleyball ... why???? It's the stupidest sport I've seen, why ... it's a hobby! It's not a sport. Team handball. I don't understand it at all. They can bounce the ball, once? I get the no person zone ... I don't get the sport at all. Also, I'm ashamed to say this, but women's weightlifting just creeps the tar out of me. I watched the lower weight levels today, but man, when those heavyweights get started, I have to cover my eyes. No disrespect ... don't need any of these awesomely strong women from the former Soviet Union coming to kick my ass.

So I'm exhausted and I have a headache from watching so much tv. I love it!

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