Friday, August 1, 2008

Did I not Mention the Mad Men Premiere?

Dang!!! Well, it was very Sopranos like ... just a recap of storylines and reintroduction to characters. Nothing too earthshattering. Doesn't look like Peggy kept that baby ... no big surprise. I will say that Joan is turning into my favorite character. Do not mess with this woman!!! She really gave Peggy the what how .. putting that copy machine right in her office for putting Don's new secretary in tears ... and who did Peggy think she was talking to the new secretrary like she's Joan ... oh no you didn't! Nobody talks to people like Joan does, nobody!

Looks like Pete is shooting blanks ... well, at least with Trudy. I can see a barrel of steam forming by the end of the season with Peggy blurting out that she had his baby. Or maybe he already suspects something. He was pretty quick to blurt out "fat farm!" Hmmm, we shall see, we shall see.

Did NOT like Betty trying to use her womanly wiles with the tow truck guy. Yuck. Betty, there is no way you are anything like Don ... no freaking way. You know he's cheating and you won't do anything. You are a stepford wife just like your mother. Please. I hope the writers don't pursue that angle anymore.

And how awful and I when I say I like cheating Don better than not cheating Don. I hope he hooks up with Rachel again. I wasn't too into Midge.

I can see a series finale similar to Six Feet Under in a few more seasons. Wouldn't it be fun to speculate?

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