Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mad Men ... getting better and better

I hate to say this, but I actually cheered when Don shoved Betty ... but man, she's just awful. She's a terrible mother and she hates men. She takes out her hatred of Don on her poor little boy, Bobby. She wants nothing to do with those kids. I hope she gets some ya ya's out with her stable guy.

And when is Peggy going to get out of her terrible state of denial? I liked how the priest kind of shoved her aside with the easter egg. Did you know that was Tom Hank's son playing the priest? I thought he sounded earily like his Dad. Tom was in DaVinci code, Colin plays a priest.

But the best line of the evening was when Bobby was talking to his Dad after dinner. He's such a sweet kid, despite that mother of his. He asked Don what his father liked to eat, Don replied "Ham" ... the guy playing Don is played by John Hamm! HA!!!!

Joan having to babysit a drunk Sally was kind of funny too ... I loved it when Sally flatly told Joan "you have big ones" ...

And Pete, of course, got the short end of the stick, AGAIN!!!! That's what you get for trying to exploit your father's death. Butthead.

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