Friday, August 22, 2008

Shut Up Jean Rogge

Yea, I'm talking to you. How dare you criticize Usain Bolt for doing nothing more than enjoying the fact that he owns the track this year. You should be more critical of the fact that China has little baby girls on their gymnastics team that the government cheated for and 2 of the most anorexic looking platform divers that I've ever seen. One even admitting that she doesn't like to eat. My god! Yea Rogge, you all took a huge risk in giving the games to Beijing, and so far, they seem like they are going great, but there's a seedy underbelly there ... what we aren't seeing under your watch, Rogge, unfortunately, let's hope that after the games, stories will surface and then maybe you'll change your tune about Mr. Bolt.

Yea, I cringed when I saw Bolt showboat after the 100m final, but none of his fellow competitors minded. In fact, they celebrated with him! He's a likeable guy who likes to clown around. He's immature, he's RAW ... he hasn't reached his full potential yet. We all expected Phelps to dominate the pool, but who knew about this Jamaican kid other than people who follow athletics? He's a pure joy to watch .. beautiful runner who is obviously having a freaking great time out there on the track and is enjoyed by his fellow athletes. I love to see athletes enjoy their sport.

Shut up Jean Rogge ... there are many things to criticize about these games, Usain Bolt is not one of them. Fermez la bouche mon frere.

And I'll never understand HOW both US 400m relays CHOKED!!! Yes, choked in the relay prelims. Dropping the baton???? At this level????? I ran that relay for almost 8 years and never once did I drop a baton ... ok ok, I wasn't at the Olympic level, but these athletes should at the very least have the core point of this event down to an art. Do they not practice prior to the games??? It sure didn't look like it. I'm not sure how these teams are chosen, but they sure looked like someone just said "you, you, you and you" and told them to get on the track. It was just painful to see. Jamaica will sweep both the men's and women's relays. Every one of their handoffs were perfect, like they've all be practicing. I hope they run Bolt second or third, down the straightaway rather than the anchor, which should be run by Usafa Powell. I've always held that you should never put your best runner last. Put them in the middle to establish dominance and then bring it home in the final leg.

Of course Jean Rogge will probably say that Usain Bolt is showboating ... what a dork.

And we swept the 400m! The bronze medal winner literally dove across the finishline! Way to go David Neville, formerly of Merrillville and IU ... thumbs up!!!

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