Monday, August 4, 2008

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!

Mad Men was magnificent!!! Every single storyline ... wow. Peggy's mom, or aunt is taking care of the baby! JOAN!!! She sure put Paul in his place. Yea, she came off as a racist, and she may very well be, but Paul is ticked more because Joan knows exactly what he is doing. What's sad is that Paul's girlfriend and I'm assuming soon to be ex girlfriend is going to be the biggest loser in the scenario. Joan shouldn't have said what she said to Paul's girlfriend though ... not cool. I'm still new enough to the show to not really know what is going on with Paul.

Pete's Dad is dead. Killed in the airplane crash that was front and center of the episode. Turns out the actor who played Pete's Dad really died in an avalanche over the winter. The episode is dedicated to him. And now it looks like Pete is selling his soul to the devil big time. He went to Don for comfort and ended up hitching his wagon to Duck to use his family tragedy to get American Airlines (the airline his dad was on when the plane crashed) on board as a client. In the meantime, Don is forced to tell the small airline he worked on that they can't represent him anymore. Yuck, business is nasty sometimes.

And Betty is turning into a gigantic angry witch. Why doesn't she just blurt it out that she knows Don cheated on her. Oy, Stepford wife ... phooey. And then the way she talked about her son ... she hates men of all ages. Don better go get a hookup!!!

Looks like next week they are making a commercial for someone ...

I don't know, the Peggy/Pete and Don/Duck/Pete storyline are going to be great to watch. And anything that Joan is involved with will be icing on the heart shaped cake! Who knows, maybe she and Paul will get married.

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